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The PC has become such an important, essential, and indispensable part of our daily life. We use it for everything like email, communication, gaming, information gathering, file storage, finances, picture storing, information management, and the list goes on forever! We know how important and valuable your computer is to you, and how important it is that it works correctly every time you turn it on. We also know how especially important it is that all your data is safe and secure. Our greatest satisfaction comes when we see the look of content on a customer's face because their computer now works the way it should, better and faster than when it was new!




I've had a computer in my hands since the first calculator came out. I've been working on computers since I could figure out how to get one open. I've always had a knack for fixing things, always liked computers, but mostly, I've always liked helping people out in anyway I could. So here I am, doing what I do best, fixing computers and helping people out. I use to fix computers just for the fun of it, until my wife bought me a t-shirt that said, "NO I WILL NOT FIX YOUR COMPUTER!" I use to hear people tell me that they had brought their computer to one of those "computer expert places" to be repaired, only to be told 5 days later, "Nope, can't be fixed, you'll need a new one, and all your data is gone!". Well, those are the computers I wanted to work on. I loved the challenge, but loved it even more when I saw the look on their faces as their computer booted back up, all their data was there, and it ran even better than when it was new. I hope to have the opportunity to help you with your computer needs one day....


If you have a computer that needs fixing, whether it's a major tune-up, or just a little attention, contact us. If you need or want a new PC or Laptop, we can help there too. Even if it's just advice you need, please contact us. We'll always try to do the very best we can to help.


Sincerely, Dr. Doug.


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